Welcome to Pick A Retirement Specialist, a directory of organisations that can help you as you approach retirement. This is where you'll find the type of support you need to help you prepare for your retirement financially.

A little time spent now could boost your income in retirement by £££'s.

We'll take you through a simple three step process that will help us produce a list of organisations that meet your requirements. Each step should take no more than 1 minute to complete (if you have your information to hand), so you'll have your list in three minutes.

  1. Personal details.
    Three questions and we can give you an indication of the income you could receive in retirement.
  2. What sort of help do you need?
    This will help us understand the type of support you're looking for.
  3. Your personal list.
    Based on what you've told us, we'll produce a list of organisations that can help.

If any of this sounds complex, don't worry. Along the way, there'll be simple explanations to help you understand the questions you're being asked.

What’s more, you’ll find information about your pension pot from the pack you should have received from your insurance company. You are also entitled to a free guidance session from the government's new Pension Wise Service. The service won't tell you what's right for you, but it will explain your options and provide information.

A bit about us…

We don’t make any charge for using the service. It’s absolutely free. What’s more, we don’t receive any money from the companies listed in the directory either.

The service is provided on a non profit basis and funded by the Pension Income Choice Association (PICA) and the Annuity Exchange. PICA is an association of insurance companies who want to encourage people to take an active interest in their options at retirement because they expect to benefit if more people take this approach (see About Us for more information).

The site has been developed with the help and support of members of the public and from across the pensions industry.

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