Welcome to Pick A. The unique, new directory for retirement specialists that’s absolutely FREE to join

We are inviting you to register for a new directory developed by the Pension Income Choice Association (PICA) working with the Annuity Exchange.

Here are five key reasons to make sure your firm is represented:

  1. There is no charge for you to register to appear in the directory and there is no charge for consumers to use the directory.
  2. The site has been thoroughly researched with consumers. We tested the navigation, the design and the copy to make sure it’s engaging and accessible.
  3. The simple, three step filtering process will produce a list of retirement specialists that precisely meets the needs of the user.
  4. The directory has been developed with the support and input from leading industry and government bodies such as the ABI, DWP, MAS, FCA and others.
  5. We expect the site to be signposted from a number of official sources such as insurance company wake up packs and government sites. There will be a significant PR campaign too.

Registration is open to all retirement specialists who offer advice or guidance, but there are three requirements you must meet:

  • The firm must be FCA registered.
  • It must support a number of minimum standards (based on the standards developed by the ABI in its Retirement Choices Code of Conduct).
  • Your proposition must be whole of market or cover at least 75% of the open annuity market.

To register, all you have to do is appoint someone in your firm who will be responsible for registering and keeping your entry up to date. Multiple registrations from the same firm are not permitted.

You can view the consumer site at:


This is a significant initiative that will help more people make better informed decisions by providing access to retirement specialists. We look forward to welcoming you to the directory and hope it will prove a valuable and efficient source of new clients over time.