Every year hundreds of thousands of people retire. Most will simply look to the scheme they’ve saved with to provide their pension, but this could be a mistake. They may throw away a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to boost their income in retirement. Everyone has the right to shop around for the best deal they can get - the opportunity to find the insurance company that will offer them the highest income, or the best product, for their needs. It’s just like buying car insurance, except that the stakes are higher. Much, much higher.

You see, with car insurance, if you don’t shop around this year, there’s always next year. That’s often not the case at retirement. For many people, this is a single, irreversible, one-off decision. Make a bad choice and it might cost you dearly. Yet it’s easy to avoid this situation and this directory can help you do just that.

The directory is provided on a non profit basis. It is funded by the Pension Income Choice Association and the Annuity Exchange. There is no charge at all for using the service. What’s more, there is no charge to be included in the directory either.

Pension Income Choice Association

Pensions Income Choice Association (PICA ) is a group set up in July 2009 consisting of leading insurance companies in the retirement market and others. PICA is dedicated to promoting the importance of people acting to review their pension pots at retirement and to helping people make the right choices. The insurance companies that make up PICA are key players in the retirement market who hope to benefit if more people shop around.

Annuity Exchange

The Annuity Exchange produced the market's first comparative annuity portal, ‘whatannuity’, back in 2002. Since then, the company has gained a reputation for innovative software developments and processes within the annuity sector. The Annuity Exchange was appointed by PICA in 2013 to develop, build and run ‘Pick-A.org’.